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A ‘Glass Is Half Full’ BirthA ‘Glass Is Half Full’ Birth

A ‘Glass Is Half Full’ Birth

Many expectant couples could attest to the fact that no sooner you announce your good news, out of the woodwork pops others only too willing to share their own negative birth experiences with you. We’re not sure why folks want to do that. What on earth could be more discouraging to a newly expecting couple than to be inundated with stories of how horrible and awful labour and delivery are?

Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’sCrossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s

Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s

While you’re busy learning everything there is to know about HypnoBirthing and the health and progress of your baby, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of other details you must tend to before it’s time for baby to arrive.  Preparing for a birth isn’t just about the actual delivery, it’s about so much more! From time to time, we’ll include snippets of useful information that we hope will help you de-stress and arrive at your due date with only one thing left to do… have a wonderful birth!

The Kitchen Sink TooThe Kitchen Sink Too

The Kitchen Sink Too

Expecting a child creates a multitude of questions for the new parents.

You’ll want to know everything… from what to eat, how you’ll feel, what to expect and where to find good sources to research the perfect baby name. When it comes to what kind of labour and delivery you want to experience, we know we can help! HypnoBirthing isn’t just some new-fangled fad, it’s really a rather old idea of allowing your body to do exactly what nature has always intended it to.

Our ‘baby’ has arrived!Our ‘baby’ has arrived!

Our ‘baby’ has arrived!

Though it won’t wake us in the night for a feeding (well, we hope not anyway), the creation of our new website has felt a bit like giving birth.

First came the wishing and dreaming, followed by the planning and preparing, not to mention the shopping, consulting, decorating, learning… and now it’s finally here.

HypnoBirthing Saskatoon (dot com) has arrived!