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Kelly & PaulPaul Ericson’s path to being a Clinical Hypnotherapist was long and circuitous. His original training and profession was that of an Architectural Draftsman, going on to earn a Bachelor’s of Education degree at the University of Saskatchewan. After teaching in Saskatchewan for four years he and his young family moved to Strasbourg, France where he earned a Masters degree in French. After his return to Canada and teaching, this lifelong learner earned a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Counseling from San Diego State University. It was then he then began acting on his interest in Hypnotherapy. First Paul became a Master Practitioner in NLP and then continued on earn his Clinical Hypnotherapist designation, studying in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake. He opened a practice in Saskatoon, dealing mostly with weight loss, smoking cessation and emotional clearing issues. Through the years, various people would ask him if he had ever worked with hypnosis for childbirth and always answered in the negative. Finally a pregnant friend encouraged him to look into the program and when the next HypnoBirthing practitioner training was offered in Ottawa, he jumped at the chance to complete the course. He encouraged his wife (Kelly) to take the training also, so they could teach together. He and Kelly are thoroughly enjoying teaching HypnoBirthing to pregnant couples.

Kelly Andrews Ericson’s original profession was that of a Certified Dental Assistant. She practiced for seven years, retiring when her first son was born.  As a young mother, Kelly (and their young children) accompanied Paul as they moved to France. Paul earned his Masters degree in French… and Kelly became a Master of facing difficult new challenges! After her fourth child was born and in school, she returned to work outside the home, eagerly jumping into the world of fundraising and event planning for a local health charity. For 9 years, Kelly inspired co-workers and volunteers alike, sharing a brand of enthusiasm and personal charm second to none; winning over board members, sponsors, donors and co-workers alike! Though most of us manage to balance our work lives and our personal lives by squeezing it into the 24 hours each day brings, anyone who knows Kelly would swear (if all she accomplishes is any indication) there are more hours in her day than ours. Kelly teaches dance, is often found chairing some committee or volunteering.  Some of Kelly’s greatest strengths are her compassion for others and her ability to make everyone feel at ease. As such, Kelly is rarely known to turn down a request from anyone in need. Currently, Kelly is employed as a Certified Optometric Assistant. After taking an Introduction to Hypnosis course, she, along with husband Paul, took the training to become a Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner through the HypnoBirthing Institute.

This team teaching approach is beneficial to those who study with Paul and Kelly. Kelly has the perspective of nine months of carrying and then giving birth to four children. Paul is able to relate to the birth companions.  Both Paul and Kelly wish the pearls of wisdom and grand ‘Ah Ha’ moments they impart in their classes had been taught when they were giving birth. Back then, medically managed birth was the norm and fathers were helpless observers. Pregnancy and childbirth can be so much more!

Paul & Kelly each offer a unique set of gifts and accomplishments of both an educational and personal nature that, when combined, create a team that simply stands above the rest.  They can’t wait to share with you, the excitement of being able to plan for and experience childbirth as what it was meant to be… a calm, joyful family event and memory!

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