September 23, 2010

A ‘Glass Is Half Full’ Birth

A ‘Glass Is Half Full’ BirthA ‘Glass Is Half Full’ Birth

Many expectant couples could attest to the fact that no sooner you announce your good news, out of the woodwork pops others only too willing to share their own negative birth experiences with you. We’re not sure why folks want to do that. What on earth could be more discouraging to a newly expecting couple than to be inundated with stories of how horrible and awful labour and delivery are?

Sometimes, and if you asked… you’d learn that their awful experience just might have had something to do with being unprepared for the event. Other times, you’d learn that perhaps they too, faced nothing but a barrage of negativity during their own pregnancy. Is is any wonder then, that they would have a negative experience?

Still others might even be those folks who, by convincing you of the horrors they’ve endured, hope for and perhaps expect some accolades in return. After all, if they managed to survive that… gosh but they must be a hero!

Whatever the reason for that phenomenon, we’re here to share the positive with you.  The medical community agrees that we do hold the power within ourselves, to affect in a positive way, what our health and our bodily experiences will be. [1] In other words, our attitude plays a huge role in determining our state of being, and thus… we’re here to teach you how to embrace your upcoming birth event as the positive experience we know it should and can be!

As part of this goal, we’ll be sharing the HypnoBirthing stories and photos of those who, like us, are inspired to help others have a memorable, beautiful, joyful and empowering birth experience.  Life, pregnancy and childbirth really is better when the glass is half full!

If you have one you’d like to share, do get in touch with us; we’d love to hear from you.


[1] Positive thinking: Reduce stress, enjoy life more –

Photo Source: Public domain image via Wikimedia Commons

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