July 31, 2010

Our ‘baby’ has arrived!

Our ‘baby’ has arrived!Our ‘baby’ has arrived!

Though it won’t wake us in the night for a feeding (well, we hope not anyway), the creation of our new website has felt a bit like giving birth.

First came the wishing and dreaming, followed by the planning and preparing, not to mention the shopping, consulting, decorating, learning… and now it’s finally here.

HypnoBirthing Saskatoon (dot com) has arrived!

Though we haven’t had an online presence before now, we have been quite busy in the last year or so.  We’ve set out to earn our HypnoBirthing certification, we’ve been busy promoting HypnoBirthing as an available option for parents-to-be in Saskatoon, and we’ve conducted some classes.  During this time, we didn’t forget about our desire to create a place for you to come visit us online and learn more… at your leisure, any time of day or night. Whether you’re on the laptop and relaxing in your jammies and bunny slippers with a cup of tea on the nightstand, or whether you’re looking for information on your breaktime at work, we knew expectant parents in the Saskatoon area needed this information!

And here we are, available 24/7 to help you learn how HypnoBirthing can help you create a peaceful, wonderful, memorable experience and birth story your family will cherish and share for years to come.

We do hope you’re just as excited as we are!

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